The All-Wheel Drive 2018 BMW M5 Has a Very Specific Set of Skills, 600 HP

No, the addition of an M-tuned xDrive all-wheel drive system on the sixth generation BMW M5 isn’t sacrilege. Well, to RWD purists, it may be. This all-new version of the lauded 5 Series’ M Division cousin is just expanding its skillsets. With 600 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque, those skills involve driving with power to all four wheels, or just the rear ones.

The engineers behind the new M5 wanted to give it more confidence and versatility than before, while also factoring in refinement and power. In that, the all-wheel drive platform enables the M5 a 3.2 second blast to sixty from standstill. But for the RWD crowd, don’t fret. The default 4WD mode can be toggled to 4WD Sport for less front axle assistance, and get rear-wheel action only in RWD mode. From there, the only power shunting is in the hands of the Active M Differential, which will funnel torque to whichever wheel needs the most.

The latest M5 will go on sale in the spring, giving you plenty of time to configure it to your liking. To get a head start, or vet another new BMW model—M badge, or not—contact one of the expert sales representatives at our Grand Blanc, MI dealership. We can answer any questions, and help you out at any stage of the process.

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