Preparing Your Pre-Road Trip Checklist

The holiday season is finally upon us, and our team at Grand Blanc Motorcars, LTD is in a tip-giving mood. Although you have a ton of things that you need to take care of before your road trip, don't neglect planning for trouble just because it has never happened before. Something like a flat tire could leave you disabled in a bad area if you don't have the tools to make that repair quickly.

Just in case you are stuck in traffic or disabled on the side of the highway, bring along things like blankets, snacks, and water, so passengers are not trapped in a chilly car for countless hours. Bring a roll of duct tape with your other tools; it can be used to seal leaks in radiator hoses or make small repairs to get you to a service station. Be certain the spare tire in the trunk is full of air and the jack and tire iron are there too.

Stop by our Grand Blanc, MI and we will check your car for trouble and give it a clean bill of health before your trip.

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