Should I Schedule to Get My Tires Rotated?

Getting the tires rotated on your vehicle has more benefits than you might realize. Here are just a few of the reasons that you should be at the service center getting your tires rotated every other oil change:

  • If the tires are not rotated often, they will begin to wear unevenly which can cause your vehicle to start pulling to one side of the road while you are driving.
  • When the tires in front wear faster than the tires in the back and you don’t get them rotated, you will need to purchase new tires more frequently.
  • Tires that are left on the vehicle too long between rotations could cause the vehicle to make noises or have vibrations.

At Grand Blanc Motorcars, LTD, our crew is ready to help rotate the tires and get you on your way in a timely manner!

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