The road ahead in your 2018 Camry

Safety is an important consideration for any new car purchase. But how do you know which features to choose from? Our team here at Grand Blanc Motorcars is here to help with finding the right set of features for your style and needs.

Introducing the 2018 Camry, this popular midsize sedan is designed with safety in mind. By using a combination of cameras and radar, your Camry can detect vehicles and pedestrians ahead of you.

It uses both audio and visual alerts to warn you of potential collisions, and the Camry can even automatically apply the brakes when needed as well.

When your car detects that you’re drifting from your lane, you’ll be alerted as well so that you can re-center yourself on the road.

These are just a couple of the safety features built into the 2018 Camry. We invite you to visit us here in Grand Blanc to see them for yourself and take one out for a test drive today.




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