Look More Closely at the New Toyota Highlander Safety Features

Every year, when we get the new inventory of Toyota vehicles at Grand Blanc Motorcars, we always highlight one model in particular. This year, the new Toyota Highlander is that popular midsize SUV due in part to a number of useful safety features drivers appreciate.

To help keep you safe as you navigate the busy highway, the Toyota Highlander comes equipped with the Blind Spot Information System. Sensors can detect another vehicle in your blind spot and then alert you by a flashing light and sound that you should not move into that lane until it is clear.

If you are familiar with how cruise control works in a vehicle, then you will really appreciate the Adaptive Cruise Control that comes in the all-new Toyota Highlander. This system will monitor the road far ahead and create a driving buffer to a lead car and then adjust your speed to maintain that safer buffer too.



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