Toyota Avalon is Packed with Impressive Safety Features

The New Toyota Avalon has become a popular full-size sedan you'll certainly appreciate its safety features. Here are just a few we will highlight today.

The Toyota Avalon has a unique Automatic High Beams system. When driving at night, if traffic is on the roads, the low beams will be on. If the roads appear clear, the system switches on the high beams. The system will continue toggling back and forth as dictated by the other cars sharing the road.

Your new Avalon is working to avoid accidents on the highway by way of the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system. If you have the speed set, the car will automatically slow down if a vehicle is detected in front of your car. The speed resumes when the distance is safe again.

We have the Toyota Avalon here at Grand Blanc Motorcars, LTD ready for you to take out for a test drive.



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