Find Out How to Replace a Flat Tire

When you get a flat tire, it may cause you a significant amount of stress. At Grand Blanc Motorcars, we’re here to show you that replacing a flat is easier than you think. Your vehicle likely has a spare and most of the equipment you need, too.

There aren’t many steps involved with replacing a flat tire. You need to remove the lug nuts, take off the wheel and tire, and put on the spare. Then, it’s all about tightening the lug nuts.

Before you get started, lay out all of your supplies. You’ll want to raise the tire using a car jack. However, don’t do this until you’ve loosened the lug nuts. Otherwise, you run the risk of throwing the vehicle off of the jack. The same is true when you want to tighten the lug nuts. You should always use caution once your vehicle is on the jack.



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