Take Your Performance to the Next Level with the Toyota Corolla

Are you searching for a popular compact hatchback that can give you better performance anywhere that you choose to drive? With the Toyota Corolla, you’ll go places better thanks to the vehicle’s advanced performance features.

When you visit Grand Blanc Motorcars, LTD, you can test drive a Toyota Corolla that’s equipped with a 2.0L Dynamic Force Engine. This engine delivers both power and smoothness as you accelerate and change gears.

Another great performance feature is the optimized suspension. This suspension allows the Toyota Corolla to sit lower to the ground, which is great for improving the vehicle’s response time. The low position of the vehicle also allows for smoother, more stable turns around even the tightest corners. If road conditions become unstable, the optimized suspension can reduce body roll to help keep you and your passengers safe. You’ll also feel less bumps on the road while driving thanks to the optimized suspension.



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