SYNC Your Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC for More Multimedia

The multimedia features in the new Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 4MATIC are ready to keep you and your family satisfied. This is one of the reasons that we at Grand Blanc Motorcars recommend and feature the vehicle as much as we do. We believe that many of our customers will be satisfied with what this vehicle has to offer.

You get to choose from different choices in multimedia. You can listen to music from your CD player and a surround sound system. You can also use Bluetooth capabilities in your vehicle in order to enjoy your music or other forms of multimedia.

If you are looking for more from your vehicle, then you can enjoy the option of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which enables you to SYNC your mobile device and access more multimedia apps as well as other apps from your vehicle. You get to look at more options when you check out the 4MATIC.



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