Grand Blanc Motorcars' Excitement for the New Toyota Yaris is Palpable

In a place like Grand Blanc, MI you need a subcompact car that will help you zip through traffic. This is exactly what you get from the new Toyota Yaris, which is perhaps one of the most popular vehicles in its class.

Good Suspension for a Pleasant Drive

The suspension system was designed not only to help smooth out the road for you by absorbing more shocks than other suspension systems, but it was also designed to make zipping around a lot better. The suspension system improves your ability to handle the vehicle, and that is going to feel empowering.

Engine Offers Efficiency

The 1.5L engine is another feature worth pointing out because it takes performance to a whole new level. This is the kind of engine that gives you power but also keeps in mind how important efficiency is. You can get up to 40 miles per gallon with this car. Think about that for a moment and consider how much ground you can cover with just one gallon.

These are just some reasons we think the Toyota Yaris is right for you, but we want you to take a test drive to see if we are right.

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