There Is a Lot to Experience With the BMW 5 Series

Just take one look at the BMW 5 Series and you will understand why it has become such a popular midsize luxury sedan. It seems that no feature was overlooked on this one. You will enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free drive each time you get behind the wheel of this special vehicle.

The Traffic Jam Assistant is a useful feature when driving in congested conditions. You will find that the car can adjust your steering, acceleration, and braking based on how many cars are around you. It is this type of safety feature that drivers appreciate so much about the BMW 5 Series.

You will also be able to stay in your lane with the help of the Active Lane Keeping Assistant. This is meant to help you avoid possible collisions by making sure you do not drift out of your lane in heavy traffic. Check it out when you test drive the BMW 5 Series at Grand Blanc Motorcars, LTD.


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